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From Tedman Leung <>
Subject update always called on commits (still)
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 17:11:57 GMT
Hi  while back we had a discussion on updates (or more specifically
preupdates) always being called even when no changes where made.

I noticed there was an issue OPENJPA-506 openned for this and currently 
closed - but this still occurs.

Both anotated @PreUpdate methods as well as updates are always called even 
on read only operations.

Does anyone know if this is considered an open issue or a fixed issue?

I'm running OpenJPA 1.1 checkout from SVN on April 28th, 2008 which is 
long after the fixed date of Feb 1 2008.

This is now causing me even worst problems due to a recent change in my 
application where I switched from using @PreUpdate to @Version to keep 
track of the last updated time of an object. Previously the lastUpdated 
field was useless because it was just the last time some one read the 
object, now it's throwing OptimisticLockException because requests are 
thinking some one else updated the object (when in reality it was just 

                                                           Ted Leung

You know you're in trouble when snow starts to clog your ram jets.

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