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From simtec <>
Subject Performance of field access
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 10:06:23 GMT

I have a simple Derby table with many thousands of points. I have to
iterate over these points many times to compute distance from x and y

class Point
  Double x;
  Double y;
  getter/setter ...

      * OpenJPA 1.0.2 
      * Derby (Embedded) 
      * Non-EE use

I realised that field access (e.g. point.x) of detached objects is much
faster than field access of attached objects (by a factor of 4). Also
access is much faster if I do not enhance the point class. Why is this?
Does OpenJPA check the database on every field access if the object is
attached? What can I do to improve performance of attached objects?

Thanks for any help, Valentin

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