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From David Goodenough <>
Subject How to associate source for Eclipse debug
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 14:51:34 GMT
Given the problems I have with error messages, I thought I would try
to step my way through the persist method and down to the place
where the problem was occuring.  So I downloaded the source ZIP and
did a mvn eclipse:eclipse on the directory into which I had downloaded
it.   This claimed to work.

I already have the Maven plugin installed, so I thought I would then 
import the apache-openjpa-1.0.2-source directory into my workspace
which it did, but complained about not being able to find some external
builders, and also only imported openjpa, openjpa-jdbc, openjpa-kernel,
openjpa-lib and openjpa-xmlstore.

So I then fired up the debugger, and naturally eclipse wanted to know the
place to find the source, so I looked around in the projects that had been
installed and could not find EntityManagerImpl, which I think is in the
openjpa-persistence folder (which is not one of the ones listed above).

Would it not be possible to create a ZIP file with just the source files in 
it, so that I do not have to jump around the maven projects trying to
find all the source?

I created such a ZIP file for eclipse with the following bash script:-

set -x

for dir in */src/main/java/; do
        cd $dir
        jar $flags $olddir/ *
        cd $olddir

which you run in the apache-openjpa-1.0.2-source directory and it
creates a file in that directory which you can then point Eclipse
at when it asks for source.


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