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From xaviarias <>
Subject Re: Custom StoreManager
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 08:44:31 GMT

Thanks, definetely I'll implement my own ExpressionFactory based on the
in-memory implementation. I wanted to avoid copy-paste the existing code,
but I guess it's too specific to be fully reused.

It could be interesting to uniform the expression hierarchy for general
purposes, if it is possible. I also saw conversations about subclassing JDBC
StoreManager for a particular rdbms, which is not the underlying idea I
think, but for the moment could be convenient.

Patrick Linskey-2 wrote:
> Hi,
> Generally, no -- those classes were created to implement the in-memory
> parser, not to be a general-purpose AST.
> That said, I think it would certainly be reasonable to extend their
> role to help meet yours. I think that it would take more than just
> making the classes public, though; there might be classes for which an
> instanceof check is not sufficient, and for which more methods would
> need to be exposed.
> I believe that it's possible for you to create your own AST (i.e.,
> your own ExpressionFactory that builds your own instances) and still
> take advantage of in-mem query processing when a particular query
> cannot be executed against the data store directly.
> -Patrick
> On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 2:40 AM, xavihendrix <>
> wrote:
>>  Hello, I am implementing a custom StoreManager to access relational data
>>  through a propietary product API, wich my company has bought but don't
>> want
>>  to use in all data accesses. The JPA has to be the uniform persistence
>> layer
>>  for all units, which can be configured to use a particular StoreManager
>>  (JDBC, propietary API, etc.)
>>  So, at the moment of executing internally the query in my StoreQuery and
>>  construct the delegate object (of the propietary API), I walk through
>> the
>>  expressions provided by InMemoryExpressionFactory with an
>> ExpressionVisitor
>>  (I use this factory because in-memory post-processing can be required
>> due to
>>  limitations on the propitary API).
>>  The problem is that all expressions have a protected visibility, so I
>> cannot
>>  know wich expression I am processing and cannot construct my delegate
>> query.
>>  Is there a way to obtain the type of expression of a
>>  org.apache.openjpa.kernel.exps.Expression? A kind of JavaTypes for
>>  expressions that tells you if it is and AND, OR... ?
>>  It's a bit weird, I hope someone has been found the same problem.
>> Thanks!
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