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From "Patrick Linskey" <>
Subject Re: OpenJPA & Jprobe usage issue(class loading
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 07:24:23 GMT

I think that TemporaryClassLoader is probably the only place that
would need to be modified.

However, I'm surprised to see the TemporaryClassLoader in use at that
time. It looks like that stack trace is for runtime behavior; the
TemporaryClassLoader should only be used when loading metadata or
running the enhancer, neither of which seems to be happening.

What does your Spring configuration look like? Are you using the
SimpleLoadTimeWeaver by any chance?


On Dec 31, 2007 5:18 AM, Sai <> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are using Jprobe 7.0 for code coverage testing for our web service
> application.
> We used OpenJPA-0.9.6 orm technology in our application.The envirornment
> details like
> OS-Windows XP
> JDK- 1.5.0_02
> Application server- Apache Geronimo 1.1.1
> JPROBE version-7.0
> Our application works fine when we don't use Jprobe.
> But when we run appserver with Jprobe and when the first test executes we
> get the error as attahce serverLog file.
> serverLog.txt
> As per the referance from(quest team support) here is the feedback
> -----------------------------------
> It looks like you're using JProbe in conjuction with Open JPA. The problem
> is that the JPA classloader doesn't follow the standard delegation model.
> There is no easy workaround for this, but since Open JPA is open source you
> could try fixing it, and / or reporting to the Open JPA people that a way to
> configure the exclusions would be good; right now it appears to be
> hard-coded to only delegate for java.*, javax.* and sun.*. Open JPA will
> probably run into some issues with other JVMs since JVMs from e.g. IBM and
> BEA have "internal" classes outside that namespace.
> The problematic classloader we found is
> org.apache.openjpa.lib.util.TemporaryClassLoader, which in the version 0.9.6
> source has loadClass() method with a line in it like:
>         if (name.startsWith("java.") || name.startsWith("javax.")
>             || name.startsWith("sun."))
>             return Class.forName(name, resolve,
> getClass().getClassLoader());
> Ideally, this would check a configurable list, but for a quick fix, you
> could change it to:
>         if (name.startsWith("java.") || name.startsWith("javax.")
>             || name.startsWith("sun.")
>             || name.startsWith("com.jprobe."))
>             return Class.forName(name, resolve,
> getClass().getClassLoader());
> There might be other ClassLoader implementations in Open JPA with the same
> behaviour that would also need fixing, but we only found this one.
> ps. feel free to pass this information to the Open JPA developers.
> -------------------------------
> we want to know what are all the places we need to change in order to use
> Jprobe or do you see any workaround for this.
> Lookforward to your reply asap
> --
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