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From David Beer <>
Subject Understanding getResultList()
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 23:34:12 GMT
Hi All

I have a n issue with using Query getResultList(), I am executing a 
nativeQuery("SELECT * FROM ENTRY", Entry.class). And performing the 
query like so List<Entry> results = (List<Entry>)query.getResultList(); 
and in return I am seeing a list containing a delegate and a  
persistence object.

My main problem is that I am trying to display the resulting data that 
comes back in a JList, in order to set the list data on a JList you have 
to have the data in a Vector. So when I tried to cast the  List to a 
Vector I got an exception.

When I perform the same query using TopLink I get back a list of Objects 
of the type and no extra information. At the moment I am going through 
the results and getting each Object element and adding to Vector to 
display. This is fine with a small amount of records but what about a 
large amount of records.

What is the best way of getting back just a list of Objects no 
additional data?



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