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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: specifying schema in snapshot 1.1.0
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 16:41:56 GMT
with H2 instead of Hypersonic, the schema is recognised.

Prashant, thanks for helping me get to the solution.

I logged this on the Jira (url below).


Adam Hardy on 11/01/08 15:51, wrote:
> Hi Prashant,
> thanks for that. Maybe it's a bug in the hypersonic dialect file? The 
> only other database I've tested against is mysql, which of course 
> doesn't have the concept of schemas at all, so it would never fail there.
> I'll see whether I can hook up to h2 as well, and maybe postgres. I 
> should be able to get a free dev license for Oracle I think, so I'll see 
> what I can see.
> Regards
> Adam
> Prashant Bhat on 11/01/08 14:18, wrote:
>> Hi Adam,
>> I've created simple test project for this, which is working with
>> schema using openjpa's latest snapshot. This is configured to use
>> Spring-2.5.1 and H2-1.0.64(I like the web console of it very much:-)
>> and it runs with maven, also it needs Java6(only because of @Override:-).
>> OpenJPA's mapping tool doesn't generate the db-schema, so I've bundled
>> the database with the schema created. So you just need to run 'mvn
>> test' to see it working. Btw, it also contains somewhat improved patch
>> from
>> Hope this helps,
>> Prashant
>> P.S. I'm putting a cc to you, in case the list blocks mails sending 
>> zip files!
>> On Jan 11, 2008 8:29 PM, Adam Hardy <> wrote:
>>> I cannot see why this is not working for me.
>>> I stripped my project down to the simplest elements possible and 
>>> still had the
>>> problem.
>>> I have logged it as a Jira at 
>>> and included the zipped up project, in case it helps if anyone wants 
>>> to look at it.
>>> Thanks
>>> Adam

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