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From "Christian Eugster" <>
Subject Re: Entity Enhancing in Eclipse
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2007 16:18:00 GMT
Hi Mike! Another thank you. I made really another step. The build does work now, but I get
a warn message as follows ( I snip the message in question):

Buildfile: C:\Projekte\Eclipse 3.x\ColibriTS\ch.eugster.colibri.core\build.xml
 [openjpac] 1172  colibri  WARN   [main] openjpa.Enhance - Type "class ch.eugster.colibri.core.db.tables.User"
has no metadata; enhancing as persistence aware. If you intended for "class ch.eugster.colibri.core.db.tables.User"
to be persistence-capable, then this means that OpenJPA could not find any metadata for "class
ch.eugster.colibri.core.db.tables.User". This can happen if the directory containing your
metadata is not in your CLASSPATH, or if your metadata files are not named properly. See the
documentation on metadata placement for more information.
Total time: 1 second

The directory containing my metadata is in the classpath (./META-INF) and the metafile (I
think it is the orm.xml meant) is in that directory too and named right in the persistence.xml
file that resides also in ./META-INF (<mapping-file>orm.xml</mapping-file>).

Is there another metadata file missing?

Thanks in advance!

Christian Eugster
Grissian Widum 14
I-39010 Tisens
Handy Schweiz: 0041 79 594 85 45
Handy Italia: 0039 333 888 77 64

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