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From kjozsa <>
Subject Programmatic schema generation and mapping a set of primitives
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2007 12:53:52 GMT

Dear all,

I'm an ex-Hibernate user trying to run away and evaluating alternatives now.
My first priority target would be OpenJPA, I'd be more happy to switch for
all upcoming projects. I've mostly successfully ported one of our smaller
projects to OpenJPA, but there are a few minor things still bothering me. 

For my unit tests I'd need programmatic schema regeneration. Is there any
easy way to do that in @Before methods in our tests? I've read about the
openjpa.jdbc.SynchronizeMappings property setting with the
buildSchema(SchemaAction=add,deleteTableContents) value but appearently it
does not delete any data from the entities' tables here (I see no log
message either about trying to do it). 

My other problem is mapping a collection of non entity classes in one of the
entities, namely, a Set of enum types. I've tried to look around for an
equivalent of the @CollectionOfElements Hibernate mapping, but found none
and it did not work with no special annotations either. What's the proper
way of handling this scenario with OpenJPA?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Kristof Jozsa

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