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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] JPA 2.0 expert group representation
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2007 17:32:31 GMT
Hi Geir,

I'd like to clarify one thing with you.

It's my understanding that OpenJPA is free to implement the JPA  
specification as long as the specification and TCK permit an open  
source implementation, which is true for JPA 1.0 and to the best of  
our knowledge will still be true for (JSR 317).



On Aug 7, 2007, at 8:53 PM, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

> Apache can still have a formal representation on the EG.
> We do feel the technology is good - the problem is that Sun is, in  
> our opinion, in violation of the JSPA and therefore shouldn't be  
> able to lead any new JSRs until the problem is fixed.
> But don't let that stop you from participating.
> geir
> On Aug 7, 2007, at 9:05 PM, Craig L Russell wrote:
>> Does the OpenJPA community want Apache to have representation on  
>> the JPA 2.0 EG?
>> Yes, Apache voted no on JSR 317 on the principle that the proposed  
>> Specification Lead is in violation of the JSPA by not offering a  
>> TCK license without FOU restrictions for Java EE 5. But the  
>> OpenJPA community can decide to try to influence the specification  
>> that directly affects us.
>> Individuals from companies on a JCP Expert Group have access to  
>> email discussions that are distributed internally via a "lurker"  
>> alias. Feedback is sent through an individual representative from  
>> that company to the Expert Group.
>> There would be an advantage for OpenJPA community members who are  
>> not privy to an internal lurker alias, to be able to participate  
>> in the discussion.
>> The Specification Lead for JSR 317 would set the participation  
>> rules, which under JCP can include Non Disclosure Agreements. Any  
>> OpenJPA community member who wanted to participate might be bound  
>> by an agreement not to disclose information from the Expert Group  
>> discussion.
>> In order to implement this, we might need a closed Apache-JPA mail  
>> alias for discussion and an Expert Group representative to forward  
>> comments from the closed alias to the expert group.
>> Would any OpenJPA community members be interested in participating  
>> in the JSR-317 Expert Group under these conditions?
>> Please send comments to both dev and users aliases.
>> Craig Russell
>> Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System 
>> jdo
>> 408 276-5638
>> P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

Craig Russell
Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System
408 276-5638
P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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