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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Question about orm.xml
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2013 19:43:52 GMT
Looking at really old stuff atm which kind of randomly breaks tests.

In this case it's the openjpa-persistence-jdbc TestUseSchemaElement which recently got added.
This leaves a file 'orm.xml' on the root or openjpa-persistence-jdbc. And if you run the tests
a second time, then the test above will fail.
If you remove orm.xml then all is fine again.

The orm.xml gets generated in PersistenceMetaDataFactory#defaultXMLFile() if no META-INF/orm.xml
is found.
This is really old stuff from the initial import...

a.) return new File("orm.xml"); without any base directory is crap imo. This wont run well
on a server. 

b.) orm.xml is absolutely optional nowadays

It might also be only a problem in the ReverseMappingTool and other parts might not even use
this anymore. Would need to dig deeper.

Anyone has more info on this?


PS: the tests currently fail in trunk and 2.3.x

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