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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] JPA 2.1 spec implementation
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 14:03:03 GMT
Being very active in OpenWebBeans and even a CDI EG member I can help out with the CDI parts. 


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> From: Kevin Sutter <>
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> Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 4:08 PM
> Subject: [DISCUSSION] JPA 2.1 spec implementation
> Hi,
> Recently, JSR 338 released the Early Draft Review #2 of the JPA 2.1
> specification.  You can access this latest version of the specification via
> this URL:
> As you'll notice this version of the spec will close for comments tomorrow,
> Nov 30.  This date is actually just a formality, since you can submit
> comments after this date.  Any such late comments would not be applied to
> this particular version of the document, that's all.
> Anyway, the review of the specification, although important, is not the
> point of this message.  The point of this message is to gauge the community
> interest in this updated version of the JPA 2.1 specification.  As we
> experienced with the JPA 2.0 delivery, the implementation of a new
> specification takes a lot of effort.  And, although our user community for
> OpenJPA continues to grow and expand, the development community has not had
> the same luxury.  We do still have a core group of developers that are
> heavily engaged in day-to-day activities with OpenJPA (forums, fixes,
> performance features, doc updates, tooling, release mgmt, etc).  But, we
> will need even more assistance when we take on the development of JPA 2.1.
> As a little background for those of you new to the project (since JPA 2.0),
> at this point in the development of the JPA 2.0 specification, our OpenJPA
> team was already deep into the implementation of the early drafts of that
> specification.  Of course, the RI was the first implementation of JPA 2.0
> after the spec finalized, but OpenJPA 2.0 was a very close second (within
> weeks of the spec going final).  We were all very proud of that
> accomplishment.
> JPA 2.1 is targeted for an early 2013 final specification.  The point of
> this note is to gauge the community interest in this new specification, and
> to gauge the interest of the development community to aid with the
> implementation and testing of this specification.
> Thank you for all of your contributions!
> Kevin
> P.S.  Here are some cliff notes for the highlights in the JPA 2.1
> specification (some of which are already provided by OpenJPA in one form or
> another):
> o  Formal Stored Procedure support
> o  SynchronizationType to control when to enlist with transaction
> o  CDI support for Entity Listeners
> o  Type Conversions (similar to OpenJPA's Externalizer)
> o  Further explanation of how to return managed and unmanaged data from
> NativeQueries
> o  JPQL updates
> o  Support for TREAT (downcasting)
> o  Criteria API refactoring (hopefully just internal impacts)
> o  Allow use of packaged scripts:  ddl-create-script, ddl-drop-script,
> ddl-load-script
> o  Schema generation (similar to OpenJPA's capability)
> o  Annotation updates:  @Converter, @ForeignKey, @Index

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