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From Kevin Sutter <>
Subject Re: Exporting website from CWIKI
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 17:41:05 GMT
Thanks for the up-front work to kickstart this activity...

I guess I need a little more info on the process for what's left...

It sounds like you have done lots of work to prep our site contents (set up
svn, exporting pages, generating initial markdown, etc).  You mention that
the markdown still needs some (lots?) of work to make the pages usable and
presentable.  I've checked out the openjpa/site/trunk stream and I can see
all of the files that you have committed thus far.

I'm guessing that the next step in the process is in those instructions
that you told us to do in your readme?  twice...  :-)  I'll get to that

How do we know when a page is "done"?  We're not publishing yet, right?
So, how do we keep lots of volunteers all attempting to update a single
page?  How about if we use the "lock" operation on a file that is being
updated?  I know this is a soft lock, but at least it's an indication that
it's in use.  Any better ideas?


On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 8:20 PM, Michael Dick <>wrote:

> Earlier this year the Apache Infrastructure team asked the PMC to start
> migrating the our website from the confluence wiki to the ASF CMS with a
> deadline of the end of this year.
> I volunteered to look into this work, and tonight I committed the first
> wave of changes. The rationale behind making the change can be found in the
> links below, but given the delays in publishing through Confluence I think
> we can all agree that in the end we'll be better served by using the ASF
> CMS.
> Unfortunately this project turned out to be bigger than I originally
> expected, and I don't think I'll be able to contain the work on my own. So
> I'm looking for volunteers to help edit the site, and a volunteer to lead
> the effort. Committers and non-committers can do this work - although the
> non-committers will have to submit patches.
> Some background:
> An overview of the CMS can be found here:
> The CMS faq can be found here:
> Instructions for building the site are here:
> A short summary: the website has been exported from confluence and
> converted to markdown <>. The
> markdown code will then be converted to HTML and published to the apache
> servers.
> What I've done so far:
> * Set up the path in SVN
> * exported the site (more or less)
> * spidered the website
> * generated markdown from the site.
> * borrowed and tweaked template files to generate the main look of the
> site.
> * ran the build tool to generate html from markdown.
> What I think needs remains to be done:
> * Edit the markdown files until the generated HTML looks tolerable
> * Work with the infrastructure team to get the site regenerated after a
> commit.
> I *think* that's it. There are 128 or so markdown files to edit, some
> (maybe most) are no longer needed and can be archived. I've edited a few of
> the pages, and I expect that they'll get easier as we go.
> I'll also add instructions on setting up the build environment to the site
> directory in SVN to save everyone else some time.
> Let me know if you have any questions or would like to help,
> -mike

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