I am just starting out to try openJPA and have a problem trying to reverse map an existing SQL Server database.


The DB is one I just migrated from Access to SS if that makes any difference.


The batch script I am using  is as follows:


the batch file I am usings is as follows:

java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=logging.properties ^
-cp openjpa-all-2.2.0.jar;"C:/Program Files/Java/sqljdbc_3.0/enu/sqljdbc4.jar" ^
 org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.ReverseMappingTool  ^
-pkg au.gov.aad.fresh  ^
-ConnectionDriverName com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver ^
-ConnectionURL jdbc:sqlserver://localhost\SQLEXPRESS;databaseName=Fishlog; ^
-ConnectionUserName sa ^
-ConnectionPassword password  ^
-openjpa.Log "File=c:/temp/openjpa.log, DefaultLevel=TRACE, Runtime=TRACE, Tool=TRACE, Schema=TRACE"


The result of this is that the ReverseMappingTool connects to the database, gives the following messages and  then just goes to sleep (apparently - I’ve waited for 20 minutes for something to happen!).


967  INFO   [main] openjpa.Tool - The reverse mapping tool will run on the database.  The tool is gathering schema information; this process may take some time.

  Enable the org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.Schema logging category to see messages about schema data.

3822  INFO   [main] openjpa.jdbc.JDBC - Using dictionary class "org.apache.openj



Is there any way to diagnose what is going wrong, no logfile is being created.


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