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From idan <>
Subject Entity Serialization
Date Sun, 21 Nov 2010 13:17:39 GMT


While implementing my own StoreManager.flush method i encountered a deadlock
caused by the following situation:
My flush method creates a second thread which serializes the persistent
entities which leads to the following stack trace:
Daemon Thread [Thread2] (Suspended)	
	Unsafe.park(boolean, long) line: not available [native method]	
	LockSupport.park(Object) line: not available	

line: not available	

int) line: not available	
	ReentrantLock$NonfairSync(AbstractQueuedSynchronizer).acquire(int) line:
not available	
	ReentrantLock$NonfairSync.lock() line: not available	
	ReentrantLock.lock() line: not available	
	FinalizingBrokerImpl(BrokerImpl).lock() line: 4366	
	FinalizingBrokerImpl(BrokerImpl).beginOperation(boolean) line: 1893	
	FinalizingBrokerImpl(BrokerImpl).isActive() line: 1865	
	DetachManager.flushDirty(StateManagerImpl) line: 225	
	DetachManager.preSerialize(StateManagerImpl) line: 92	
	StateManagerImpl.serializing() line: 1454	
	Pet.pcSerializing() line: not available	
	Pet.writeObject(ObjectOutputStream) line: not available	
	GeneratedMethodAccessor14.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: not available	
	DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: not available	
	Method.invoke(Object, Object...) line: not available	

The main thread waits until the 2nd thread finishes but the 2nd thread is
stuck since the 1st one locked  FinalizingBrokerImpl...

Is there a way to serialize my entities without passing through OpenJPA's

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