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From Arnav-A <>
Subject Re: PCEnhancement
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 16:45:12 GMT

Thanks a lot for the respnse.

Let me answer all the questions

1. Do you have a PMR open yet?
=> No. I have not created any PMR for this problem.

2. Have you tried stopping and restarting the application?
=> Yes. In that case, it works fine. Either I restart the application after
cleanup OR remove and add application to server, it works fine.

3. So, does your environment have the automatic publish action turned on or
=> Yes. I have automatic publish action turned on. 

In the mean time, I was looking at the option for build time entity
enhancement mentioned in the link

As per the article details, I created my enhance.xml that contaiins
following code.

<project name="MFDataModelJPA">
 <target name="enhance">
  <taskdef name="openjpac"
  			<include name=""/>
  	  		<include name=""/>

In the configuration, I copied to my jpa_lib folder and
it has PCEnhancerTask Class. 
"src" is the folder name inside which I have all the entity classes in
appropriate packages.

I set the enhance.xml in the builder and clean the JPA project. It says
"Build Successful", but not sure if the clasees have been enhanced.

Is there a way we can find out if the classes has been enhanced? If we find
that entities are for sure being enhanced, it might be the server that is
not taking these enhanced classes for deployment.

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