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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Tests are ignored
Date Mon, 24 May 2010 16:11:01 GMT
I always use "mvn clean install" which will build and run all of the
tests by default.

Which JVM and Maven version are you using?  Any recent version of Sun
1.6.0 and Maven 2.0.9+ or 2.2.1 should work.

Do you have any overrides in your .m2/settings.xml which may be
disabling tests?


On 5/22/10 7:45 AM, Web developer wrote:
> I usually go to my ~ directory, make checkout from svn trunk:
> svn checkout openjpa
> After checkout is finished - I cd to 'openjpa' dub-dir. And make 'mvn test
> ...' from ~/openjpa, respectively under root (to have rights for 'ulimit -n
> 10000'). John
> 2010/5/21 Rick Curtis <>
>> Hmm... when you checked out trunk, you must have checked it out into a
>> directory with a name other than openjpa-parent. When I refer to
>> openjpa-parent, that is the directory where the root pom.xml file is
>> located. Are you running 'mvn test' from that directory?

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