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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Copyright usage in OpenBooks
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 21:07:08 GMT

"1. If the source file is submitted with a copyright notice included in
it, the copyright owner (or owner's agent) must either:
    1. remove such notices, or
    2. move them to the NOTICE file associated with each applicable
project release, or
    3. provide written permission for the ASF to make such removal or
relocation of the notices."

We always follow 1.2 above when accepting new code donations from
outside the ASF (third-party) via a Software Grant Agreement (SGA) into
the Incubator or into an existing PMC.

For OpenBooks, the 1.2 option should only be used if this is coming in
via SGA or a CCLA via donation from a third-party.
If the code was only developed by Pinaki as an ASF committer, then we
should follow 1.1 and use the normal @author tag instead.


On 5/19/10 11:12 AM, Pinaki Poddar wrote:
> Actually, all the files on OpenBooks currently has copyright header on my
> name, not only the new files. It is legacy reason.
> -----
> Pinaki 

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