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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Adding varaible content in Confluence from OpenJPA Builds
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 14:44:04 GMT
and adding some date substitution of when the last rsync ran would be 
great too, so anyone could tell how old the static content is and if the 
scripts are not running again....

That would also be helpful for search engines, to know which pages have 
changed by updating the meta-data during the copy....


Michael Dick wrote:
> Hi Pinaki,
> The upload.xml and the wiki updater are separate entities.
> Upload.xml runs more or less nightly - I have build profile on our
> continuous integration server that runs at 2:00 AM if there have been
> changes. It lays down the documentation, and pre-compiled binaries into a
> 'staging directory' on Naturally others are free to run
> it at any time and deploy to other locations if they choose.
> The wiki / homepage gets updated by confluence. After an update to the wiki
> confluence exports the site to our page on The page is
> then 'skinned' by a cron job / script of some sort that Donald owns which
> adds the logo and some other customizations.
> Doing what you want is a bit involved. The place to do it is in the cron job
> / script that gets executed after confluence updates the site. That script
> will have to unzip the openjpa binaries and run OpenJPAVersion (or just read
> the properties file) and do the substitution for you.
> There may be some tweaking we can do to make the confluence export do the
> work for us, but that's beyond my knowledge. Also I only have a passing
> familiarity with the cron job / script that adds the logo to the site, so I
> my understanding might be out of date (this is how it worked when Marc set
> it up). Donald is the expert and can correct me if I'm wrong :-)
> It's all doable, but might require some coordination to make this part of
> the 'main' cron job that inserts the logo.
> Regards,
> -mike
> On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 3:28 PM, Pinaki Poddar <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am looking for a way to display the SVN revision number of the nightly
>> snapshot build in the confluence Wiki page.  Looks like the upload ant
>> script (./openjpa-project/upload.xml) is the right place to
>> a) extract the revision number form the OpenJPA build
>> b) make some text substitution in the Wiki page that displays nightly
>> snapshot download in a table.
>> Comments/Suggestions/Alternatives?
>> -----
>> Pinaki
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