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From Patrick Linskey <>
Subject Re: new JPA2 features
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 22:44:49 GMT
> Did something specific jump up as "seemingly-in-progress code"?

Hmm... the following issues come to mind:

- A number of methods have comments that trail off in mid-sentence

- it's not clear what classes are published APIs vs. internal-only

- there are a number of new public fields in some of the new classes,
which just seems odd stylistically.

- there are a number of unused public methods in classes that are not
designated as being published

I haven't done a thorough focused review, though, so these are mostly
just first-impression sorts of things.


On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 10:47 PM, Pinaki Poddar<> wrote:
> Good to see you back., Patrick.
> Metamodel, Criteria etc are work-in-progress. There are "known unknowns" and
> surely there are "unknown unknowns" -- and a regular churn of spec API. The
> objective measure of their status is the available unit tests. Some existing
> applications  have migrated their JPQL queries to strongly-typed version of
> Criteria (i.e. based on canonical, instantiated static metamodel classes)
> with no major shortcomings or surprises. But I can not comment on the
> complexity of these JPQL queries. Currently Criteria is tested against 450
> odd unit tests -- out of that roughly 300 would be using strong-typed
> version.
> You can find the tests in ....openjpa.persistence.criteria.* packages...
> Did something specific jump up as "seemingly-in-progress code"?
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> Pinaki
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