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From "Alan Raison" <>
Subject Help understanding JPQL Parsing
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 09:24:22 GMT
Hi All

I've been running the unit tests against Ingres and now have a 93% pass
rate :)

One problem I'm having is with the test

The JPQL in the test:

"SELECT CONCAT(, '123') as cname FROM Game p ORDER BY cname DESC"

creates the SQL: 

"SELECT ( + ?) AS cname FROM Game t0 ORDER BY cname DESC"

Unfortunately, Ingres doesn't like the expression (col + ?), since it
can't resolve the type.

Does anyone know why this value isn't being substituted in to the SQL?
I see in SQLBuffer there's a getSQL() method which takes a parameter to
substitute in parameter values - how can this be used?


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