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From Radhika <>
Subject Re: Issue with Update
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2009 19:33:38 GMT


As part of my business service, I call
EmployerDAO.findByProperty(EmployerID) . 

I get the employer entity and I 
map this employer entity to a model object called Employer which I then send
to my front end. 
the user updates some employer details.

I map my updated model object into a new Employer Entity object and then do
EntityManager.merge(entity). The entity parameter is my employer entity.
In between the mappings, I maintain the employer ID which is my primary key
, the same.

When I do an update, there are 2 records created.


Rick Curtis wrote:
> Where is the Entity coming from that you pass into
> EntityManager.merge(entity)? (Are you calling em.find(..) and then
> updating the Entity?)
> -Rick
> Radhika wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> I have an issue with update entity in openjpa. For example, I have a
>> table Employer , and entity employer and the corresponding DAO is
>> EmployerDAO.
>> To add a new employer record, I call 
>> which inturn uses
>> getEntityManager().persist(entity);
>> This works fine.
>> Now to update this employer record, I call EmployerDAO.update(Employer)
>> which in turn calls
>> getEntityManager().merge(entity).
>> When I call at my database table, I have 2 records with the same employer
>> id. For testing purpose, I have disabled the primary key contraints.  At
>> the same time, I get a JPA exception that I am trying to enter multiple
>> records with same employer id. 
>> Why does a new record get created instead of updating a previous one?
>> Please could you help me out.
>> Radhika

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