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From Rick Curtis <>
Subject Re: 80-column line width & auto-generated model classes
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2009 14:33:29 GMT


I think that we need to enforce some sort of coding standards, but I don't
think we should be blindly enforcing conventions that are out of date. Take
a look at the 'official' Sun code conventions [1] and note that they haven't
been updated since April 20, 1999. I particularly like the reason for the
80-column line [2]... 'Avoid lines longer than 80 characters, since they're
not handled well by many terminals and tools.'


Kevin Sutter wrote:
> A few interesting points with this discussion...
> 1)  Under what conditions should we be checking in these generated
> metamodel
> classes?  We don't want the metamodel classes generated for all of our
> Entities, do we?  Seems like a waste of build time.  So, how are we
> determining which Entities should have generated metamodel classes?
> 2)  Our processing in this arena can help define a "best practice" for our
> eventual JPA 2.0 users.  That is, how and when to do the metamodel
> generation.  How to package these generated classes for the application.
> And, whether these should be checked into SVN or not.
> 3)  And, why do we continue to have the 80 column limit for our source
> files?  :-)  It seems so archaic.
> Kevin
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