Hi Alan,

I use the maven eclipse plugin to generate eclipse .project and .classpath files. I have to do a little massaging afterwards but it does 90% of the work for me.  You'll still have to add the generated-sources stuff though.

I usually add target/generated-sources/javacc to the build path and remove the directory with the duplicate SimpleNode. FWIW I've attached the .classpath file that I use with trunk. It relies on the M2_REPO classpath variable being defined and pointing to your local Maven repository so you might have some massaging to do too.

Hope this helps,


On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Alan Raison <Alan.Raison@luminary.co.uk> wrote:

Does anyone have any experience (preferably successful) of building
openjpa-kernel in Eclipse?

I've found that checking out each sub-project from trunk usually works
fine when building against a released version (as then I can download
the pre-compiled openjpa-kernel from the maven repo) but this doesn't
work so well when working with trunk.

Working from the command line is fine but a bit limited in Windows -
especially when trying to patch the source!

My specific issue is that Eclipse complains of compile errors in the
(src/main/java/)org.apache.openjpa.kernel.jpql package as these files
depend on the jjtree sources.  If I add target/generated-sources/javacc
to the build path I get a name clash with the SimpleNode class in both
the src/main/java and target/generated-sources/javacc folders.  I also
tried adding the target/generated-sources/jjtree folder in place of the
target/generated-sources/javacc folder but this didn't work either.

Sorry if I am being thick with this.  I need my IDE!! ;)