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From "Alan Raison" <>
Subject Building in Eclipse
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 16:29:03 GMT

Does anyone have any experience (preferably successful) of building
openjpa-kernel in Eclipse?

I've found that checking out each sub-project from trunk usually works
fine when building against a released version (as then I can download
the pre-compiled openjpa-kernel from the maven repo) but this doesn't
work so well when working with trunk.

Working from the command line is fine but a bit limited in Windows -
especially when trying to patch the source!

My specific issue is that Eclipse complains of compile errors in the
(src/main/java/)org.apache.openjpa.kernel.jpql package as these files
depend on the jjtree sources.  If I add target/generated-sources/javacc
to the build path I get a name clash with the SimpleNode class in both
the src/main/java and target/generated-sources/javacc folders.  I also
tried adding the target/generated-sources/jjtree folder in place of the
target/generated-sources/javacc folder but this didn't work either.

Sorry if I am being thick with this.  I need my IDE!! ;)


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