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From Ravi Palacherla <>
Subject RE: Database support
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 21:44:49 GMT
Hi Kevin,

What about volunteers for every database ?

I can volunteer for oracle database.
Currently I am trying to make all the trunk testcases successful against oracleDB.

So, if every database has volunteers to make sure all openJPA testcases run against a particular
DB then I guess it would help.

What do you think ?


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From: Kevin Sutter [] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 3:37 PM
Subject: Database support

I'm trolling...  I'm looking for ideas on how we can better integrate with
the various database vendors.  Many of us committers have our own "favorite"
databases due to our employers' needs.  But, what about the MySQL, or
Postgres, or SQL Server, or pick your favorite databases?  I know we have
had some interest from these database vendors on our users and dev forums,
but I'm looking for ways to get these vendors more involved.  When they
produce a new version of their database, it would be great to announce
OpenJPA support.  And, if they have new features to take advantage of, that
would be even better.

Everybody's development and tests teams are limited.  I understand that.
But, I'm looking for ideas on how we can work together to accomplish this
task.  I'm going to cross post on both users and dev forums to see if there
any lurkers that might have some ideas.

Just to provide a real world example...  I was just pinged about MS SQL
Server 2008 support.  Our OpenJPA manual only documents SQL Server 2005
support.  I don't have experience with SQL Server.  So, it made me think how
we could improve this aspect of our OpenJPA database support.

Any thoughts?


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