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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: OpenJPA examples need OSGi!
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 18:06:10 GMT
For runtime depends, I completely agree that we should discuss before 
the code goes in.

For test and build time depends (like maven plugins and test harnesses), 
I don't see why we need prior review, as long as the artifact is 
available in the public maven repos and uses an ASF friendly license 
(where something that used LGPL or GPL would warrant discussions) and is 
not required by the runtime.

Guess the grey area, is optional runtime depends, like the OSGi Core jar 
in the recent openjpa-example changes, where it was my bad that the 
checked in code required OSGi at runtime instead of optionally 
supporting it by adding the optional BundleActivator support....


Pinaki Poddar wrote:
> Hi David,
>    This discussion also brings up a more generic point.
>    As a group we should adhere to the discipline of bringing *any*
> dependency upon build/test/runtime *after* discussing it in the appropriate
> forum. The process of A stumbling upon B's commit to notice such 'dependency
> injection' is inherently non-sustainable.
>   Do other members agree that, in future, before we need to any dependency,
> we validate/discuss it in the group?
>   Regards --
> Pinaki Poddar wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   Noticed that some recent changes made OpenJPA HelloWorld to depend upon
>> OSGi.
>> Impressive but questionable change.
>>   And the example JavaDoc says:
>> /** 
>>  * A very simple, stand-alone program that stores a new entity in the
>>  * database and then performs a query to retrieve it.
>>  */
>>   The classic "Hello World" was built on KISS -- and that principle still
>> remains valid especially for getting started examples. A separate example
>> should be constructed to demonstrate OSGi integration capability.   
> -----
> Pinaki Poddar            
> OpenJPA PMC Member/Committer
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