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From "B.J. Reed" <>
Subject Generated ID starts with 0
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 19:26:22 GMT
I have a testcase where a DB2 DB is already created.  It has 2 tables 
and the web user preferences table has an identity column that is 
defined as "generated always as identity (start with 0, ..."

In the test case, I am expecting 2 sets of 2 inserts each into this 
table.  The first 2 objects should have id's of 0 and 1 (works fine) and 
the 2nd set should have id's of 2 and 3 - what happens is that the web 
user preference entities have never had their id set so both of their 
ids are defaulted to 0.  In stead of inserting rows, the entity manager 
sees the id of 0 on both 2nd set objects and then does an update in the 
DB on the very first record (since that one's id correctly is 0).

Should OpenJPA be able to handle a generated column that starts with 0 
(I can create a JIRA for an enhancement) or is it common knowledge that 
the DB should start with a non zero number or is there something that I 
should set the id to in the new web user preferece entities so that they 
will always be inserted?

By changing the DDL to start with 1 in stead of 0, this problem is 
avoided and 4 rows are inserted into the DB properly with id's 1 - 4.

--B.J. Reed

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