I need to use both annotations and orm.xml to be able sometimes override mapping defined with annotations in the compiled file. According to manual:

Persistence metadata is specified using either the Java 5 annotations defined in the javax.persistence package, XML mapping files, or a mixture of both. In the latter case, XML declarations override conflicting annotations.

I have created and attached test case where I use orm.xml to override a column name: class org.intalio.tempo.workflow.task.Task has field _id which is mapped to column "TID" by use of annotations. In file orm.xml I map this same field to column "ITD" and expect OpenJPA to create DB schema accordingly (openjpa.jdbc.SynchronizeMappings=buildSchema). But my test shows that it does not happen, i.e. mapping defined in orm.xml does not impact or override mapping defined with annotations.

Where did I miss something, is this a bug?

Thank you,
Oleg Zenzin

ps. please change file extention to "zip". It contains project descriptors for IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and build scripts for Buildr and ant. Unfortunately I was not able to ship all libs due to size restrictions. I've deleted derby-, junit-4.4.jar and commons-collections-3.2.jar. Also projects contain paths to my local m2 repository, you might need to change them.