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From Marc Logemann>
Subject Re: my report regarding MethodQL in the user list
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2009 11:49:00 GMT
> ResultObjectProvider (ROP) because everything else expects a ROP.  
> However,
> these ROPs often get wrapped multiple times before being returned to  
> the
> user -- we can reduce the wrapping for MethodQL because the user  
> method
> exactly knows what is it returning as result.
> Please see the test case in the recent commit about how the result is
> unwrapped in the user application.

Will take a look. I only checked if the parameter arrives at my user  
method so far (so much other stuff to migrate from my Kodo3 codebase  
like custom field mappings and stuff) . So i have not played with ROP  
but i hope this object ist not THAT voodoo to get the real results of  
it :) But i will check the test case.....
> The parameter declaration can also be made optional -- because the  
> type of a
> parameter X can be inferred when the user is setting the value of X.

Thats what i actually thought when you provide me with the internal  
API call. Why supplying it, openJPA could know it from setParameter()  
on the Query. I tried to find a fix for exactly this, so that you dont  
need to do anything, but to be honest, i was not able to figure out  
all the inner workings in that area within 1-2 hours. And of course i  
dont have a running openJPA build system for testing.


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