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From Fernando Padilla <>
Subject QueryImpl._compiling
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2008 01:47:19 GMT
more code review.. I'm so sorry to keep asking so many detailed 
questions about the code.. but it needs to happen I suppose.. has an internal property called _compiling.  It is set to 
true when the Query is actively compiling the query ( 
compileForCompilation ).

Alright, what I'm confused about, is that it's being used as a 
short-circuit flag on "isUnique" and "getParameterDeclaration".  Such 
that if you call isUnique while the query is being compiled, they both 
return the current value ( could be false or null ).

This just seems a little complicated.  At first thought, it looks like 
it's trying to protect the method going and calling 
compileForCompilation recursively, but I would think there are better 
ways.. or that the check for recursive calls should be within 
compileForCompilation.. etc etc..

I'm just getting lost in the logic as to why it's there, wondering if it 
needs to be there, or something else that could simplify this code.  My 
ultimate goal is to move the if statements within those two methods that 
use _compiling, outside the lock, thus increasing lock granularity...

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