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From Fernando Padilla <>
Subject multithreaded, read/write?
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 21:37:18 GMT
So, if you guys have been following the mailing list, we've been having 
some issues with slices requiring multithreaded support, but the 
multithreaded support uses mostly a global lock, thus negating a huge 
performance gain used by Slices, where it executes queries in parallel.

So it looks like a long-term solution would be to review the locks 
within OpenJPA and try to make them much more granular, but this looks 
like it might be a very hard thing to do without everyone's help, lots 
of unit tests, etc etc..

I was wondering about another option, is to use Read/Write locks.  Maybe 
that will allow more granularity, allowing more threads to do more work, 
without drastically changing the way things work.  ( We would change all 
current locks to be writeLocks, then slowly change them to readLocks on 
a case by case basis..)

What are your thoughts towards an idea like this?
If I can start to submit a few patches, would they be totally ignored?

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