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From Fernando Padilla <>
Subject slices lots of bugs lots of fixes
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 00:53:14 GMT
So I have been exercising the slices code and discovered lots of bugs, 
and have submitted lots of patches to fix them.  And in actuality, 
without these fixes I would not consider slices code to be working..

I don't mean to be a pest, but I wanted to make sure these bugs were 
getting the attention they need.  I would encourage all of you to review 
the bugs and move towards accepting the patches as quickly as you can..

thank you :)

Critical Bugs:
   slices query.getSingleResult is broken
   slices can not work with sequences properly
   (em.persist fails)
   slices: can not handle multiple projections in one query
   (select count(*), max(fieldA) .......)

Documentation Bugs:
   (no patches, just mentions how docs need to be fixed)
   slices documentation needs to mention requirement for
   global username/password
   slices does not work with QueryCompilationCache

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