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From Fernando Padilla <>
Subject slices, persist?
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2008 00:19:48 GMT
Still reviewing code :)

So I'm looking over this, and it seems like within one 
DistributedBrokerImpl, you can only persist against one slice.  Since 
the _rootSlice is set on the very first object that it tries to persist, 
and never again.

So I'm new here, so I am assuming that one Broker is used per 
EntityManager, but what if I want to use one EntityManager to persist 
two kinds of objects that live in different slices.. am I just reading 
this wrong?

The persist would be called on object A, the the persist would be called 
on object B, but it would use the rootSlice determined by A?

Or is a broker used once per transaction.  But even then I might want to 
create an object A and object B within the same "transaction".

please help.

	 * Assigns slice identifier to the resultant StateManager as initialized by
	 * the super class implementation. The slice identifier is decided by
	 * {@link DistributionPolicy} for given <code>pc</code> if it is a root
	 * instance i.e. the argument of the user application's persist() call. The
	 * cascaded instances are detected by non-empty status of the current
	 * operating set. The slice is assigned only if a StateManager has never
	 * been assigned before.
	public OpenJPAStateManager persist(Object pc, Object id, boolean explicit,
			OpCallbacks call) {
		OpenJPAStateManager sm = getStateManager(pc);
		String[] targets = null;
		boolean replicated = SliceImplHelper.isReplicated(sm);
		if (getOperatingSet().isEmpty()
			&& (sm == null || sm.getImplData() == null)) {
			targets = SliceImplHelper.getSlicesByPolicy(pc, getConfiguration(),
			if (!replicated) {
				_rootSlice = targets[0];
		sm = super.persist(pc, id, explicit, call);
		if (sm.getImplData() == null) {
			if (targets == null) {
			   targets = replicated
			   ? SliceImplHelper.getSlicesByPolicy(pc, getConfiguration(), this)
			   : new String[]{_rootSlice};
			sm.setImplData(targets, true);
		return sm;

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