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From Fernando Padilla <>
Subject slices, collocation
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2008 19:01:26 GMT
So, now that I have some attention, I'll post up a question I sent out a 
month ago.

I want to make a connected datamodel, but I want to put objects on 
different databases..

Let's say I have 3 objects:

User (slice root)
  - name

Group (slice root)
  - name
  - users

Comment (slice grouped with group)
  - group
  - user
  - text

As you can see they are all inter-related.  But I let's say I want to 
distribute Users and Groups across databases.  But they are related, but 
can't be collocated.

So can you help me understand the "collocation" limitation of slices, 
and a way to enhance it to remove this limitation ( if I understand it 
properly ).

ps - If i understand the limitation, I can't have a ManyToMany 
relationship from Group to Users, or ManyToOne from Comment to User, 
instead I would have to have a set of userIds.  And I would have to load 
up each user object myself through code.

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