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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Updating the JPA spec jar for JPA 2.0
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 19:05:44 GMT

On Nov 17, 2008, at 8:52 AM, Pinaki Poddar wrote:

> 1. Where is the 'JPA 2.0 spec jar'? Has JSR group released a API  
> jar? I do
> not know of any.
> Can someone tell me if such a jar which corresponds to the API of  
> JPA Review
> Dfaft version 2.0 dated Oct 31, 2008?

What relevance does this possible EG sourced jar have to this  
discussion?  My understanding was that you wouldn't use it even if it  

> 2. If there is no such jar currently available, then do we (OpenJPA
> developers) create one?
> 3. Is there any legal issues with that? If it is legally not  
> permissible to
> create one, should we go to a meta-stable state of creating a
> openjpa-2.0-api.jar of our own?

What does the draft spec say?  The draft ee 6 specs I've seen say that  
you can release jars as long as they are marked "early access" or the  
equivalent.  I haven't looked at the jpa 2.0 spec.  I've been using *- 
EA-SNAPSHOT as the version.

> 3. > IMHO, it would be best if the spec jar resides in Geronimo.
> I agree in long term and beg to differ in short-term. The JPA spec jar
> should be added to Geronimo repository *after* it has been publicly  
> released
> by JPA Spec committee. This will help the OpenJPA developers to  
> proceed with
> a tentative openjpa-2.0-api.jar for JPA 2.0 feature development but  
> will
> also save Geronimo developers extra work to update a 'spec jar'  
> which is
> neither public nor stable.

Of course you are free to decide to do anything you want.  I have no  
problem applying patches promptly and pushing snapshots.  I would  
expect it to involve less pom updating to start out with the jar you  
intend to end with and only have to change the version, presumably  
with a root pom property.

david jencks

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