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From Pinaki Poddar <>
Subject Upgrade to JPA 2.0
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 23:46:36 GMT

Here are few basic points on upgrading to JPA 2.0 API. This is an effort to
consolidate the ongoing discussion on this issue and some how-to steps for
those who are involved in developing JPA 2.0 features or writing tests. 

1. A draft version of JPA 2.0 Specification is published on Oct 31, 2008 [1]

2. The source code of the new and modified JPA API is not available

3. OpenJPA community has decided 
    a) to develop its own version of JPA API Source code according to the
spec [2]. 
       This decision helps us to control our own destiny especially in terms
of few implemented classes.
    b) JPA API 2.0 Source will reside in Geronimo Source Code repository
       Geronimo Developer Mr.David Jencks will commit the source on behalf
of OpenJPA.
    c) JPA 2.0 related development work will be carried out on OpenJPA trunk

Few basic steps on the process

1. Check out the JPA 2.0 API Source code from Geronimo SVN [4]

2. Modify or add the new API or Annotation

3. Create a patch and post the patch to Geronimo JIRA-4410 [5]

4. After David has committed the patch, add a test case to OpenJPA that
exercises the modified API
   even if the implementation of the API is incomplete. Simply annotate the
test class
   with @AllowFailure. Please refer to [6] for further details.

5. One iteration of the above steps were followed to add new Criteria API.
The new API sources 
   generated a snapshot version of JPA API jar. OpenJPA Maven build scripts
are accordingly
   updated [7] to link against this new jar.

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