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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject multiple usage of @Embedded in one entity
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2008 08:40:01 GMT

I have a JPA2.0 question.

I did find some discussion (better: complaints) about embedding members of the same class
multiple times, but could not find the information about how this will be solved in the JSR-317
draft. So maybe anyone can point me to some information about this.

I've used kodo for a long time, and I know that that the code already exists and did work
with JDO.

Here is my problem:

Imagine having a

public class Address {
  private String zip;
  private String city;
  private String street;

and you like to use this Address multiple times in another entity:

public class Customer {
  private String name
  @Embedded private Address deliveryAddress;
  @Embedded private Address invoiceAddress;

This does not work out as expected, since the created SQL does only generate ONE set of the
fields (and _silently_ skipping the 2nd Address!).
This can be worked around by using @AttributeOverrides, but you will get into troubles if
the Address also contains an embedded field (eg '@Embeddable public class Contact' containing
tel, fax, email) since you cannot control these names via the attribute overrides anymore.

So, I'd like to know if it is likely that there is anything like 
with an automated default mechanism like kodo-JDO had?

(and please don't argue that addresses should stored in a 1:n table anyway - this is only
an example ;)

txs and LieGrue,


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