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From Madhu Kalaimalai <>
Subject OpenJPA - two-sided relation between objects Issue
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 00:06:35 GMT
We have an existing application developed using the EJB 2.0 and we migrated to EJB 3.0 to openJPA.

The current implementation we only support one class to mapped to one table and we don’t
support relation built between the managed objects. We wanted to enhance to build the relations
among the managed objects and at the same time support existing code to work after the relations
are built between the objects. 
Lets take an example , I have an Address class and it contains a collections of phones ie
there is one to many relation b/w the Address and Phone.
Now the addressId in the Phone class is mapped as the Column as part of the existing code
and the new phones collection is added to the Address as part of the enhancement which maps.
When we persist the Object Address, we get the following exception as the column is mapped
from two sides on the object graph. 
Is there a way in OpenJPA to say the persistence fwk to ignore the column mapping when using
the relation in an object graph ?
I assume, I am able to explain the problem.
Error :
Caused by: <4|true|0.9.5-incubating> org.apache.openjpa.persistence.InvalidStateException:
Attempt to set column "PHONE.ADDR_FK_ID" to two different values: (class java.lang.Long)"1,964,347",
(null)"null" This can occur when you fail to set both sides of a two-sided relation between
objects, or when you map different fields to the same column, but you do not keep the values
of these fields in synch.
Code : 
public class Address..
private java.util.Set<Phone> phones;
@OneToMany( cascade={CascadeType.ALL}, fetch=FetchType.LAZY)
@ElementJoinColumn(name="ADDR_FK_ID", referencedColumnName="ADDR_ID")
public java.util.Set<Phone> getPhones() {
return this.phones;
public void setPhones(java.util.Set<Phone> phones) {
               this.phones = phones;
public class Phone….
private Long addressId
@ Column(name=" ADDR_FK_ID",nullable=true)
public Long getAddressId()
return this.addressId;

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