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From Yuri <>
Subject Re: Implementing Temporal Property (or Temporal Object) using JPA?
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2008 04:32:55 GMT

Coming late in the game here, but this is a topic I am very interested in:
adding temporality to JPA (I actually just posted to the main users list,
but I think I should have posted here first)

I spent some time looking at extending hibernate to add a few annotations
that would allow one to specify temporal classes, properties and/or
collections and a set of JQL query extensions to be able to query sequenced
data. However, there are some assumptions in Hibernate's design (posted
there too hoping someone would correct me) that seem to preclude a clean
extension (I dont want to stray to far away from the original code base).
Based on what I am thinking, updating an entity, for instance, doesnt
necessarily translate into an update but the combination of a update and
insert. I also need to extend the db metadata to add the temporal columns
where needed.

Before I start getting my fingers dirty I figure I may ask the list for some
words of wisdom about such endeavor. Also, is there any documentation,
thread that could get me quicker to the touch points?

thanks in advance, 
-- yuri

Patrick Linskey-2 wrote:
> Paul,
> Marc's response is relative to implementing temporal features within
> OpenJPA. I have seen a number of people implement a model with
> temporal aspects on top of OpenJPA, using transaction listeners to
> update temporal data at appropriate times.
> What features in particular are you looking for?
> -Patrick
> On 8/28/07, Marc Prud'hommeaux <> wrote:
>> Paul-
>> Support for temporal/auditing data has been often discussed in the
>> past, but no one has ever implemented. IMO, it would be a great
>> feature to have, and I believe that OpenJPA's architecture is
>> flexible enough to allow the implementation to be done largely in
>> isolation.
>> All we would need is for someone to volunteer...
>> On Aug 28, 2007, at 4:07 AM, Hurragutt wrote:
>> > Hi.
>> > Have anyone tried to implement Martin Fowlers Temporal Property
>> > ( pattern
>> > using JPA?
>> >
>> > Or Temporal Object (
>> > TemporalObject.html
>> > )?
>> >
>> > Sincerely,
>> > Paul Nyheim
> -- 
> Patrick Linskey
> 202 669 5907

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