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From Patrick Linskey <>
Subject Re: Documentation links and content "out of date"
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 23:40:26 GMT

I think that this is because the machine that builds and uploads the  
snapshots was offline for the last couple of months. I got that  
partially back up and running last week, and hope to get the snapshots  
uploading again later this week.


On Jul 15, 2008, at 5:30 PM, Kevin Sutter wrote:

> Hi,
> I just noticed that our links for the "latest" OpenJPA documentation  
> is out
> of date (  I would
> expect that our "latest" link should point at some version of  
> documentation
> associated with trunk.  But, it's currently pointing at some version  
> based
> on the 1.1.0 build.  I was going to go ahead and clean this up, but  
> it looks
> like I don't have proper authority to the /www/
> directory.  It looks like Patrick is  
> the only
> one with enough authority.
> This "latest" directory is currently linked to this:  latest ->
> ../builds/1.1.0/apache-openjpa-1.1.0/docs/
> So, I'm thinking a few things need to be done:
> o  It would be great to post our current nightly drivers and  
> documentation
> out on from our TC system.  (BTW, it looks like our
> nightly drivers page is still pointing at the 1.1.0 SNAPSHOT builds,  
> so we
> have some clean up there as well.)  I'm not sure on the status of  
> Patrick's
> TC system and whether we are able to get something like this setup  
> or not.
> o  If we can post our nightly drivers and documentation, then we could
> change this "latest" directory link to our upload location for the  
> drivers.
> o  If this type of clean up and setup of nightly drivers is going to  
> take
> some time, then at a minimum, it would be good to change the  
> permissions on
> this "latest" directory so that we could do some manual (pardon the  
> pun)
> cleanup.
> BTW, all of this came about because I had pointed a user at our  
> "latest"
> manual to find out how to turn on the Query SQL Cache support  
> (knowing it
> was part of the 1.2.0 trunk release).  But, I soon discovered that our
> "latest" manual is quite out of date...  :-)
> Thanks,
> Kevin

Patrick Linskey
202 669 5907

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