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From "Patrick Linskey" <>
Subject OpenJPA 1.1.0 release planning
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 19:22:46 GMT

We (BEA) would like to get a 1.1.0 release underway so that we can
release off of the 1.1.x line for our upcoming WebLogic Server
release. Soooooo:

- Any objections to getting the process under way to make a 1.1.0 release?

- The first step is to do some JIRA issue triage work to figure out
what needs to be in 1.1.0 and what can be deferred. If you have issues
you know of that you feel strongly about one way or another, now's the
time to set the release information in JIRA appropriately.

- We (BEA) will want to keep the 1.1.x branch to a minimal set of
critical changes; I think that we're a bit more conservative about
changes than what has happened in the 1.0.x branch so far. I'm
guessing that over time, different OpenJPA consumers will have
different needs in terms of branch lifecycles and update policies; any
thoughts about how to codify this so that people know how conservative
a particular branch should be?


Patrick Linskey
202 669 5907

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