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From Janko Heilgeist <>
Subject Re: License of enhanced or transformed code
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 10:31:52 GMT
Hi Nathan,

Craig Russell already replied to your question on the openjpa-users
mailing list, but maybe you've missed his mail:

Craig L Russell wrote:
> Hi Nathan,
> What OpenJPA does to the .class file is similar to what the compiler
> does to your .java file. It takes directives from the .class file and
> metadata file(s) and creates a new .class file combining "your"
> .class file with "your" metadata file(s). OpenJPA does not add any
> OpenJPA Intellectual Property in the process.
> So if you owned the IP to your .class file and your metadata file(s),
> then you still own all of the IP to the result of enhancement.
> OpenJPA and/or Apache have no IP interest in the result.
> Craig


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