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From Gustav Trede <>
Subject Re: Interesting claims from CocoBase...
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2008 20:15:17 GMT

During 2007 I have tried to get hold of a trial edition of cocobase.
But after one hour long phone call with  one of their sales people(he 
phoned me) and seveeral emails  its clear that
cocobase is only available if you pay several K usd upfront,  or sign a 
legal binding document regarding future payments.

They are also very pesky about royalties,  if you are to use Cocobase 
say with webservices technology, they demand that you sign special extra 
expensive agreeements, alternative each target company/user need their 
own license.

They flat out refuse to sell cocobase without massive support agreement 
including onsite or remote education packages ,  cause the product "is 
so complex",  "people need our support"...

Their "benchmark" data is also completely flawed, it lack all basic 
information needed to verify their claims.
Combine that with the fact that we are unable to perform our own tests 
without paying like 5K+ usd,  i cant consider them as a serious company 
in the IT industry.

  gustav trede

Kevin Sutter skrev:
> Hi Fellow OpenJPA developers,
> CocoBase is making some interesting claims on their performance as compared
> to OpenJPA, Hibernate, and TopLink Essentials...
> Anybody have any experience with this "competitor"?  I put them in quotes
> because, to be honest, this is the first time I have heard of them.
> Although from their company bio, they have been in the persistence business
> since 1993.
> It's also interesting that they chose TopLink Essentials instead of
> EclipseLink.
> I haven't studied it yet, so I will keep my views to myself for now.  But, I
> wanted to pass it on for your awareness...
> Kevin
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