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From "Ali H. Ibrahim" <>
Subject Re: Integrating Autofetch with OpenJPA
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2008 18:35:31 GMT

Comments inline.

Craig L Russell wrote:
> Ideally, the overhead for the tracking implementation is low enough to 
> run in production, so a real system can dynamically tune itself. That 
> would be a real win: install this jar, restart your server, and watch 
> the system improve performance all by itself.
That is definitely the goal of Autofetch. Although I would argue the 
real win in a serious application is the  improving the modularity of 
the program, because good engineers will specify the right prefetch 
specifications manually. It is nice that it makes it easier for 
programmers as well. I think that we should not worry too much about the 
performance of the enhanced entities. In general query performance 
dominates any performance considerations due to proxies. Of course, we 
can do a variety of tricks to lower overhead some of which you mentioned 
like sampling.

> That's certainly an option that you can look into.
> The other approach would be to use an IdentityMap of object to 
> tracking object that you maintain yourself. When you get a callback, 
> see if the object is already being tracked, and if not, create one and 
> add it to the map. That's basically how the persistence context works 
> today.
Yes, this is an option as well. The downside is that you have to hook 
into the session lifecycle to make sure you don't leak memory. I will be 
taking a closer look at the code in the next couple of days and I might 
be able to ask better questions then...


Ali Ibrahim

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