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From David Ezzio <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r619009 - /openjpa/trunk/openjpa-persistence-jdbc/pom.xml
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 21:02:22 GMT
Hi Patrick,

Again, I'll be happy to change the metadata once it is known what the 
EOL setting should be.  Any file with the "as-is" value will store on 
commit whatever line endings are on the client.  If a developer does as 
I did and inadvertently changes the line endings on his client before 
check in, all of the line endings for that file will change in the 
repository.  The only way to restore it to its original state is to 
change them on the client again and recheck them in.

Changing the EOL metadata is a great idea, but what value do you want 
all of the "as-is" files (about 60% of the files) to take?  And a 
related question, when should the end of line metadata for a file be 

My suggestion is that we regiment the EOL setting for all text files to 
"native".  It looks like we may have started down that path, since about 
40% of the text files have that setting.


Patrick Linskey wrote:
> Generally, I think that the best way to solve these issues is by
> changing the metadata, rather than actually changing every line of the
> file.
> The reason for this is that changing every line of the file makes 'svn
> annotate' report unfortunate data.
> -Patrick
> On Feb 6, 2008 11:38 AM, David Ezzio <> wrote:
>> Hi Craig,
>> Since the current property setting for this file is "as-is", the checked
>> in line endings are whatever is on the client.  Apparently, in the
>> course of my editing, I changed them for this pom.xml from Unix to DOS,
>> and when I checked it in, that is why every line was reported as
>> changed.  Mike brought it to my attention, and I rechecked it in with
>> the original Unix line endings (once again every line changed.)
>> However, its EOL property remains unchanged.  I'll be happy to change
>> it, as soon as I know what EOL value text files should have.
>> David
>> Craig L Russell wrote:
>>> Hi David,
>>> I think you should also change the eol property at the same time...
>>> Craig
>>> On Feb 6, 2008, at 7:02 AM, wrote:
>>>> Author: dezzio
>>>> Date: Wed Feb  6 07:02:40 2008
>>>> New Revision: 619009
>>>> URL:
>>>> Log:
>>>> Corrected (I hope) the DOS line endings
>>>> Modified:
>>>>    openjpa/trunk/openjpa-persistence-jdbc/pom.xml
>>>> Modified: openjpa/trunk/openjpa-persistence-jdbc/pom.xml
>>>> URL:
>>> Craig Russell
>>> Architect, Sun Java Enterprise System
>>> 408 276-5638
>>> P.S. A good JDO? O, Gasp!

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