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From David Ezzio <>
Subject Line endings
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 16:41:50 GMT

As I understand it, files within the SVN repository are either text or 
binary, and if text, they have as a property one of the five SVN 
settings: CR (Mac), LF (Unix), CRLF (DOS), native (convert to/from 
client platform) or as-is (no conversion, no regimentation).

Currently, the OpenJPA repository has text files for three of these 
settings.  Most are as-is, a few are LF, and the remainder are native.

As I understand it, native is the preferred attribute for text files as 
SVN will take care to convert to and from the client's platform 
preference upon update and commit.

I believe it would be a relatively simple matter for me to convert all 
of the files to one agreed upon format, anytime that we'd care to do so.



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