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From Tim Holloway <>
Subject BUG: MySQL DDL Generation
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 23:14:04 GMT
I turned the schema tool loose on a MySQL production database this
afternoon and it failed. The essence of the problem appears that DDL was
being generated with a type declaration of this form:

int unsigned(10)

In MySQL, the proper form is:

int(10) unsigned


ALTER TABLE fubar MODIFY col1 int(10) unsigned;

Checking other options indicates that similar constructs such as CREATE
TABLE are likewise defective.

I looked at the svn trunk head source code in and the parent class The offending method appears to be:

1508:     public String getTypeName(Column col) 

This method has no override in MySQLDictionary, but apparently needs
one. I think it's a minor mod, but I'm not currently set up to build and
test in the environment where the offending database exists.

This is a SEVERE error. It causes generation of defective SQL for
SQL-generating options and causes live updates to schemas to fail.

I don't have a Jira login at present, so if someone could log this, it
would be appreciated.


    Tim Holloway

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