From reading the spec and the Pro EJB 3 book, I was under the impression that a call to em.refresh() would refresh from the database regardless.  No questions asked.  But, I am finding that we don't work that way.  I made a simple update to our simple PersistenceTest using the AllFieldTypes (non-versioned) and NamedEntity (versioned) objects.  And, neither one will load when refresh() is called.  For some reason, with the AllFieldTypes, none of the fields are being detected as being updated.  And, with the NamedEntity, since the version field hasn't been updated, then it doesn't refresh the rest of the object. 

From my reading, this doesn't sound like proper processing.  But, before I start making any changes, I'm looking for alternate interpretations of the spec.  Thanks.

I've attached a patch for PersistenceTest, if you are interested in trying it out.