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From Marina Vatkina <Marina.Vatk...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: em.refresh() semantics
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 17:54:25 GMT

Shouldn't refresh() ignore the state of an entity? How would an EM know if the 
data in the database has changed or not?


Kevin Sutter wrote:
> Okay, I'm narrowing in on this problem.  It seems to be related to the
> automatic runtime enhancement.  Given my simple update to the
> TestPersistence testcase that I posted earlier to this thread and not
> statically pre-enhancing the Entities will easily reproduce the problem.  It
> seems that the automatic PC subclassing is not properly detecting updates to
> the Entities and, thus, when we do a refresh(), there's nothing to indicate
> that the Entity is dirty and, thus, no reload from the database.
> If I change the scenario and do the pre-enhancement, then the setting of the
> attributes on AllFieldTypes and NamedEntity will properly dirty the Entities
> and they will be reloaded when the refresh() is invoked.
> Is this one of the known limitations with the automatic runtime enhancement
> or is a JIRA Issue required to track this problem?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> On 10/4/07, Kevin Sutter <> wrote:
>>No caching is turned on.  The only cache that I am aware of that is turned
>>on by default is the Query Compilation Cache.  All other caches need to be
>>explicitly configured.  I have not configured for any caches.  I am running
>>with the standard "test" persistence unit definition in our
>>persistence.xml file.
>>On 10/4/07, Pinaki Poddar <> wrote:
>>>Is L2 cache configured for this experiment? If datacache is active, then
>>>that the state may be delivered from there itself without hitting the
>>>Does the test behave differently, if you set
>>>   a) datacahe off
>>>or b) evict from both L1 and L2 cache before refresh?
>>>    To ensure that em.evict() acts on L2 cahce too, please set <property
>>>name="openjpa.BrokerImpl" value="EvictFromDataCache=true"/>
>>>Pinaki Poddar
>>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>From: Kevin Sutter []
>>>>Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 3:59 PM
>>>>Subject: em.refresh() semantics
>>>>>From reading the spec and the Pro EJB 3 book, I was under the
>>>>impression that a call to em.refresh() would refresh from the
>>>>database regardless.  No questions asked.  But, I am finding
>>>>that we don't work that way.  I made a simple update to our
>>>>simple PersistenceTest using the AllFieldTypes (non-versioned)
>>>>and NamedEntity (versioned) objects.  And, neither one will
>>>>load when refresh() is called.  For some reason, with the
>>>>AllFieldTypes, none of the fields are being detected as being
>>>>updated.  And, with the NamedEntity, since the version field
>>>>hasn't been updated, then it doesn't refresh the rest of the object.
>>>>>From my reading, this doesn't sound like proper processing.
>>>>But, before I start making any changes, I'm looking for
>>>>alternate interpretations of the spec.  Thanks.
>>>>I've attached a patch for PersistenceTest, if you are
>>>>interested in trying it out.
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